About SEM

Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is the newest and most rapidly growing field in medicine, only receiving speciality status in 2005.

It is concerned with the management of all sports injuries or health problems of those that partake in physical activity. Increasingly it is becoming more involved with health promotion and exercise prescription, particularly in those with chronic health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.

Sport and exercise medicine in undergraduate medical schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland

SEMsoc is a not for profit organisation and all money raised is reinvested to provide education opportunities for all our members


Sport and Exercise Medicine is not taught adequately in medical schools in the UK currently. The current challenge is how we can change the current curriculum to address these issues.The GMC has recently produced a report on medical education in the UK CLICK HERE which does not include exercise prescription and activity as a health improvement tool and therefore is not important in undergraduate teaching.Dr David White, in his blog on BJSM, has made a plea to all undergraduates to make their dissatisfaction known and to give feedback on the report.

University of Manchester Students join here

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