A list of our most recent lectures:

30th September 2019 – ‘Knee & Ankle Injuries in England Netball’ Dr Jim Kerrs

Jim Kerss is a Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine at the English Institute of Sport in Manchester and am the England Netball Team Doctor. He has previously worked with elite athletes in Football as the 1st team Dr at Everton FC, Swimming, Athletics and Rugby League. His NHS practice is the Joint Health Integrated Musculoskeletal service at Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust.

Thursday May 17th 2018-‘The Mind of an Athlete, an Introduction to Sports Psychology’ Dr Chin Wei Ong

Dr Chin Wei Ong is an applied Sports Psychologist currently working within the Manchester City Football Club Academy, having previously held positions in Singapore. During this talk, Dr Ong shared his experiences of Psychology and how imperative the use of it is within Sport.

30th April 2018- ‘The Heart of an Athlete’ Dr John Somauroo

Professor John Somauroo is a Consultant Cardiologist and globally established within Sports and Exercise Cardiology. As a Cardiologist to Liverpool Football Club and a Panel Member of the FA Cardiac screening panel, Dr Somauroo has extensive experience in screening World Class Athletes. During this talk Dr Somauroo shared his insights and valuable experiences within practice.

April 9th 2018 –Pathway into SEM with Dr Wesley Tensel

27th February 2018- ‘Working in Elite Sport- What you should know’

1st February 2018- Injury Prevention in Athletes.

October 3rd 2018- An Introduction to Sports Medicine with Manchester United Football Club- Professor Michael Callaghan.

December 1st 2017- Pitch Side Trauma Workshop with John Morgan

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Tuesday 3rd May 2016- Dr Andy Massey

Dr Andrew Massey is the current Head of Medical Services at Liverpool FC. He was previously a phsyiotherapist before studying medicine in 2002, and previous positions include Team Doctor for Irish FA.
He kindly agreed to talk to us about his job as a doctor with Liverpool as well as about a career in Sports Medicine. He spoke about the challenges and pressures he faced as being the Doctor at Liverpool and how we can use our teaching in relation to elite sport.

Link to the podcast:

Monday 18th April- Dr Michael Callaghan

Dr Callaghan is the current head of physical therapies at Manchester United Football Club as well as a Lecturer at the University. His past jobs include working as a physiotherapist with Wigan Rugby, Everton FC and GB cycling. He has also been involved in numerous major tournaments such as the Seoul & Athens Olympics and the recent Glasgow commonwealth games.

He spoke to us about some of the common treatments used in Sports Medicine and their evidence. He also spoke to us about the lack of evidence base in Sports Medicine and the various efficacies of some treatments.


Part 1 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxl5YURW6L4xRVBGWWpyS0E5SlU/view

Part 2 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxl5YURW6L4xZ0tKMU96T1Q5bEU/view

‘An Introduction to Sports Medicine’- Mr Patrick Milroy

Lecture Slides Available Here

‘Common Running Injuries’-Dr Leon Creaney

Lecture Slides available here

‘Neuromuscular Stimulation’Cliff Eaton

Lecture Slides available here

‘Training of SEM in the North West’Stan Baltsezak

SEM training scheme in Manchester