Coaching & Links to SEM

Victoria Burgess: England Netball Regional Excel Coach North East
Athletes: U21-U12 players that have been selected into the England netball performance pathway, also head coach of Team Northumbria U19 team NTL.
Common injuries: Ankle injuries are rife, sprains and ligament tears along with some stress fractures on the smaller bones in foot. ACL Damage is also very common.
Links with other sports med professionals: Physiotherapist have a lot of involvement within our S&C sessions, incorporating preventative exercises within our programme.
Time out of competition post injuryand adaption of training plans:  Highly dependant on the injury but would expect the athlete to rehab at every session and complete activities that is not affected by their injury

Improvements that could be made to the sport medicine network that would benefit netball: More education on how to incorporate preventative exercises within sessions, also be beneficial to  know more about the specific injuries named above to gain a better understanding of them increasing education to staff as well as players.

Matt Winston: Olympic Development Coach (Male and Female Endurance)

Previous Role: Olympic Talent Coach working with U16 riders on the Youth national programme

Athetes: Junior bike riders from the age of 16 to 18, 12 riders in total

Common injuries: Crashes on the bike are not frequent but broken collarbones caused as the riders try to put an arm out as they land other breaks usually arms, wrists and lower limb. A lot of flesh wombs some of which can be fairly deep and can occur all over the body. Road rash is a common occurrence along with wood burns from the riders that crash on the Velodrome. If a riders position isn’t set up correctly then they can also have hamstring problems and even lower back problems from poor positioning, sometimes the athletes will complain of other minor strains, sometimes this is due to being a little fatigued and with a few days off they usually get over these.

Links with other sports professionals: Access to sports medical professionals at British Cycling on a case by case basis, the riders don’t have open access as the workload for the staff would be too much dealing with riders from the development programmes all the way up to the podium programme. A number of riders on the programme go to see their own physiotherapists as they live all over the country.

Time out of competition post injury: Flesh wombs etc then it can be anything from no time at all to a couple of weeks depending on where the womb is and how well it is healing. Riders with collarbone and arm breaks can actually get back on the bike usually within two to three weeks on the static trainer, it is obviously a little bit longer before they can get back out on the road or the velodrome.

I feel at the moment and in the position I am in within the GB cycling team as coach of the development programme we have good networks in place that work for the majority of our athletes on the programme.